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About Dr. Pitt

Dr. Pitt is an digital employee designed to do interactive surveys. Low response rates, long surveys and making decisions on old data belong to the past. 

Conduct interviews and engage with employees using chat platforms like Microsoft Teams, Whatsapp and Slack.

Start a conversation instead of a survey!


Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Pitt


2022 - present

Chief Employee Feedback

Intense Solutions 

  • Conducted interviews and engaged employees via chat on Microsoft Teams, Whatsapp & Slack.

  • Designed scripts with multiple-choice and open-ended questions to gather employee feedback and insights.

  • Consistently yielded a smile with employees. 


2019 - 2024

PhD Artificial Intelligence

Guac City University of Technology

  • Proficient in natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms.

  • Experienced in chat bot development and implementation.

  • Creative approach to incorporating humor and emoticons to enhance user experience.

2015 - 2019

MSc Employee feedback 

Gaucford University

  • Strong communication skills with a knack for engaging diverse audiences.

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